Meet the Chef

"What a Long, Strange Trip it has been!"

If anyone had told me that I would be baking 'Cheesecakes in a Jar', Catering and now Spicy Shelf-Stable Products for a living back in the 70's, 80's or 90's, I would have thought that they might have had one or two drinks too many!

Growing up in New Jersey, to be specific, on 'Da Shore', I always had a thing for food. Some of my first real jobs on the Atlantic City Boardwalk involved food; making pizzas on The Steel Pier, bussing at the old Marlborough Blenheim Hotel, cooking steaks and eggs in the window at The Ranch House Restaurant and making silver dollar pancakes in the window at Nash's Beef and Beer….

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About Us

Our Commitment to Quality

We try to never cut corners when it comes to cooking, baking and fermenting!

Whenever possible, we source out as many of the ingredients we use locally. including Blaine's Farm and Sage Creations Organic Farm. Yeah, we could maybe find some products cheaper on the internet, but you cannot beat knowing where your produce and ingredients come from and who products them.

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